Openhab interaction with Alexa

Hi everyone,
I have a RPI3 with Openhab3.4
Is it possible to make Alexa say a text using a command from Openhab?
Openhab detects that electricity consumption exceeds 3Kw, Alexa says: “Attention, turn off the oven immediately”

The text must reside within a rule.

Thank you

That’s documented here

Sure, you have to create a rule via UI or text based via rule file.
Your electrical consumtion is the condition to trigger the alexa announcement or textToSpeech function

Thanks for your help,
I followed the instructions, I installed an Amazon account which is online,
I installed Amazon echo but it is INITIALIZING.
The serial number is correct.
I also tried restarting but it doesn’t work.
what can I do?

I didn’t select Amazon account in Bridge…
it’s online now.