OpenHAB iOS app not initially rendering charts on iOS 17.4+

I am been running OH 4.1.2 together with the OpenHAB iOS App version 2.4.56 (1580410531). A few pages from the modern UI contain charts that e.g. visualize the daily power consumption or speedtest results. Those ran fine before iOS 17.4
Since iOS 17.4 those pages load blank and do not initially visualize the data:

Charts like the speedtest results however have controls at the bottom of the screen which are rendered fine. When I click on those, the pane re-sizes and suddenly the chart is shown / rendered.

I assume, this may be because of the changes Apple introduced in the EU version of iOS 17.4 and 17.4.1.

The phenomenon also shows when using Safari, Edge or Firefox on the same device. Probably because they all use the same Safari engine.

Has anyone else this issue as well and is there a solution available?



Thanks @florian-h05 for the quick fix! :pray:

Since I updated to OH 4 around the same time than the iOS 17.4 update, I thought it was an OH caching problem and already thought about trying to delete the caches. Good to know I wasn’t the only one with the problem and that it’ll be fixed.

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