OpenHAB iOS app not working

Hi, I hope someone can help me with settings on the OpenHAB iOS app.
Using OpenHAB version 3.1.0 and installed app version 2.4.56.

I enter all settings as below (sorry for local language) and get the error message URLSessionTask failed with error: Request timed-out.
I do not have an external URL, not planning to make one, but that should not matter, right?

Tried different settings, nothing works …

Install Testflight from the App Store and then install the latest beta from there (currently 2.4.60).

Did you try using IP address for local access ?
Also, your remote url is completely wrong, don’t use !

Thanks Hans-Jörg, that worked. I used my local IP and copied the same to the remote URL (as I do not want to use that). Works fine now, thanks a bunch!

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