Openhab is a joke

hey all just have something to say about openhab take it for what it is as far as i can tell openhab does not work i am not a programmer but i know a little i tried for three weeks to get openhab working i took three days to get a
z wave zigbee dongle to just get recolonized when it did recolonize the usb stick and i tried to get a sylvania zigbee light up it would only see one channel it would only see one channel it would only dim the light would not turn it off or on i followed the instructions to the letter to get Alexa working but when i ran the command to get secret key and secret code the output said no such file existed after messing with that for two weeks i decided to try home assistant within 5 minutes of installing home assistant i had both the z wave and zigbee dongle recognized when i put the sylvania light up with home assistant it was working i could dim the light and turn it off and on by the next day Alexa was reckoning the sylvania light and both channels where working with Alexa before the end of the day all my lights where working i had all my ip cameras on my user interface this is in two days remind you i worked on openhab for weeks just trying to get one simple zigbee light working and it didnt work rightafter three days working with home assistant all 15 of my lights work with home assistant 4 z wave sensors are working with home assistant 8 ip cameras i can see in my user interface Alexa can interact with my home assistant and i did not need any secret codes that didnt exist every direction home assistant has gave me has worked just like they said it would so my advice to anyone new to home hubs is do not use openhab it does not work there directions do not work and you will be searching the internet for hours and hours because openhab directions dont work three weeks trying to get one light up with open haB THREE DAYS WITH HOME ASSISTANT and my entire smart home network is up and running

That’s some sentence.

Good luck with Home Assistant.


it realy works great thanks

I’m sorry to hear that openHAB didn’t work well for you. I honestly can’t read your paragraph since you didn’t use any punctuation, but that doesn’t really matter since you’ve moved on. I’m glad Home Assistant works for you, since it’s not a competition and we just want everyone to have something that suits their needs.

If you ever decide to try again, we’re here to help. For now, I think it’s best to leave it at that.

Good luck!


thank you very much i am very happy with home assistant

It appears you made the same mistake I did about 2 years ago. you tried to get it working without asking for any help here.

I went through Home Assistant Hell for about 6 months. I then tried OH again, asking for help here and quickly got my system running much more stable than the poor coding of Home Assistant.

openHAB is much more powerful & flexible but more complex too. Actually, the helpful, dedicated Zigbee / Z-Wave developer was very instrumental in helping me. I am now showing my gratitude ny helping with the device database as I have time.

Good luck with HA. you will certainly need it.


yes you are right i asked for no help and maybe i should have but i also asked for no help from home assistant as far as openhab being more powerful i couldnt tell you like i said it would not even work correctly with a sylvania light but ha did the directions ha gives do work yes you may have to mess with yamil but so far thats all i had to do is copy paste yamil and change small things like the ip adresses of my cameras and the port number that rtsp was running on nothing hard
and when i follow there directions it works it doesnt respond with no such file or directory exists i am not saying openhab is bad it just didnt work for me HOME ASSISTANT has worked

Well, you did lead with “openHAB is a joke”, which was surely meant as a jab. I’m not easily triggered, and think it’s better to respond with kindness when people are frustrated.

I don’t really think it’s fair to say it’s a joke, but I can appreciate that there’s a steep learning curve. That’s something we discuss here often, as it’s challenging to find the right balance between the needs of new users and advanced users (I’m somewhere in-between). I think HA probably has the same struggles, and they’re just on a path that’s easier for you to wrap your head around. Nothing wrong with that. Again, if you decide to try openHAB again, feel free to reach out for help.


thank you

Initially, yes. When things suddenly do not work or break during their 3 week upgrade cycle ( common) it is not so easy. At times they released patches the same day as the OS release!

Do not get me started about the time they forced everyone to move to a beta version of Python! It got so bad I wrote a 23 step process in the forum on how to upgrade it. Even then, Z-Wave was initially broken,


Thanks for posting and asking for help and allowing us to help you work through all of these problems you seem to have had. Oh wait, this is your first post! So you didn’t bother to ask for help and instead waist your time and post this long run on sentence of a complaint. Nice.

Openhab is a joke

Both of these statements can’t be true at the same time.

I hope that Home Assistant continues to be useful for you. But it’s frankly a little childish to create an account here only to flip us the bird on your way out the door.


I remember when I first started on the forum here after being on the HA forum. I felt I moved out of the nursery school to an adult discussion room.

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ok well when i was trying to figure out open hab i looked everywhere spent hours and hours on the web trying to figure out openhab but to no avail been to all the forums looking for an answer the problem with zigbee aside just trying to follow the explicit directions dont work i followed the directions exactly how they were printed to get Alexa to work but your directions from openhab themselves they wrote them say just do this binding then just run this command and it will give you a secret key but i did the binding asked for the secret key and what i get back is no such file or directory exists then with zigby finding the device but only seeing one channel what good is that what will being able to dim a light but not turn it off or on
home assistant works when setting up haks on home assistant they gave me the secret key well before they asked for it all zigbee and z wave devices work i can turn on and off lights my sensors are seen and i can create scenes in Alexa like when my front door sensor comes on have Alexa say front door is open i can not say that for openhab it would not even turn zigbee light on or off could not even see sensors and could not connect with alexa at all so if that is playing with the big boys then i will stay with the children where things actually work but hey play with the big boys if you want where things do not work not even following the directions explicitly that the big boys wrote themselves

Where did you ask for help here? There are many experienced people here willing to help. I personally do not use Zigbee but I know the developer does his best to help troubleshoot ahsm if needed, promptly modify the binding.

let it go guys
lock thread


ok well maybe i did not ask here
but i definately searched for the answer on all forums for hours
followed explicit directions that did not work

agree time to let it go i have moved on already to home assistant good luck all

I did that too, the first time I looked, tried, & then silently left.

After I exhausted all my ideas on how to get a stable, supportable system with Home Assistant, I came here about 18 months ago. This place is far from perfect but it has potential.

home assistant seems to work for me

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The fact remains, you spent hours and hours but never bothered to ask for help only to come and complain about it. Sure you attempted to follow the directions in the docs, directions that hundreds if not thousands of other users have managed to follow successfully.

That doesn’t mean the docs are perfect and clear. Clearly there was something missed or something not as clear as it could be. But by refusing to ask for help you’ve not only wasted your own time, you’ve robbed us of the opportunity to improve the very docs that you had difficulty with.

And then you come and complain about it.