OpenHAB is giving me headaches

I’m really pulling my hairs out because of OpenHAB now. For over a month now I try to get openhab running as I want it to. I was told that it had a steap learning curve and that it was worth all the trouble. After a month I have now two lights that I can turn on and off… I was not able to get information from the Fibaro smoke sensors. Not even with the example configuration. I was also not able to hook up my Zipato motion sensor. I’m not able to change the color of my Aeotec Light Bulb. I cannot receive commands from my Minimote… None of it! Habmin2 is running but I get a connection error with my z-wave stick. God knows why! So nothing to be configured with a UI. Everything has to be done manually in the .items configuration file. This is really hard when you have no idea what to put in there. How can I figure out the commands to operate a z-wave device when there is no example in the documentation for that specific device? And where did the zwave log file go? I cannot seem to find my way in the current documentation. It’s short and it hasn’t got a proper index. For every little thing that I search for I’m directed to the documentation of openHAB 1 while I moved to openHAB 2 where nothing is the same. I had to move to openHAB 2 because I read somewhere that changing colors of lightbulbs was only possible in version 2. I’m really lost and about to give up. Is there somebody who can convince me to keep using openHAB as my home automation server?

OH 2 is in beta and is still under development. There are few docs for it yet. I would recommend using OH 1 until OH 2 is released with docs.

As @rlkoshak is saying, go for OpenHAB1 and use Habmin1 with it, those are stable.

Which Z-Wave stick do have? And what message do you get.

ps. Your name suggests you are dutch or flemish, I can help in dutch if needed, just message me, since the forums are english only.