ℹ️ openHAB is officially supported by CasaOS

Hi all,

I just stumbled on a link/project I would like to share with the community. Since I’ve started with home automation I also got interested to host other services on my server(s) (media library like Jellyfin, file share like ownCloud … etc.).

I currently use docker/docker compose files to achieve this and I’m quite happy with that - but it had a bit of a learning curve …

The casaOS project looks interesting for those that newly setup a homeserver - and maybe it’s something to evaluate. I only played a bit with the demo server of the project - so I can not vouch for the quality & how e.g. container would be configured to use a host usb device - but it looks very interesting for those that would like setup different services on their servers in an easy way and to have a nice UI: https://casaos.io

I post it here, as openHAB is in their official app store (unfortunately the version is a bit behind - they use 4.0.4 - but I’m sure that could be changed easely - as it is open source).

App Store:

As I’ve a working setup that is also spread over more than one server I’ll not follow up (at least for the moment) - I would be interested if someone has already experience with it - or maybe it will help someone to get to a nice setup in an easier way.

with kind regards,


Looks nice indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:

If someone has the time, create a PR to update this line. :wink:

There is also an Edge store that provides 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT. It’s using the Alpine Docker image however which may be less compatible compared to the Debian Docker image.