always runs slow for me

Is this just me, or do others see this problem? I usually get about 100-160 kB/s to the jfrog site for updates. Normal Linux updates and other data works very fast (1 gig up & down ISP). Speedtest-cli has me at a few hundred megs up & down.

Get:1 unstable/main amd64 openhab all 4.0.0~S3550-1 [104 MB]
14% [1 openhab 18.1 MB/104 MB 17%]                                                                                                                                             143 kB/s 9min 59s^

Odd but this seems to have been caused by me setting my MTU to 1450 on my Openhab server NIC. Very strange that this was the only server I noticed issues on, but once I set it back to the 1500 default (and let my network fragment as needed since I have PPPoE internet w/ MTU 1492), this started working very fast. The last update only took a few seconds.

Posting the update in case this helps someone later on.

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