does this work with openhab?
Siemens 5WG1 148-1AB21 GAMMA instabus IP interface

ok now for the more detailed questions for those that have the patience … :slight_smile:

hi, I just started experimenting with Openhab. (mainly reading so far). could someone point me in the right direction after reading the scenario below I’m just looking to learn how to use Openhab to switch on and off the lights in my knx system.

This is my current understanding of what I need to do. can you elaborate any of the steps below or give me some hints and tips or point me to specific posts to read that will shave off some hours off my searching and irrelevant reading that would be really great.

install openhab on a pc- done
install knx binding - ?
use binding to communicate with my hardware (see details below)
step 4…?
step 5…?
step 6…?
program a touch panel display?
install openhab app on android phone to control lights.

current hardware and system setup

a working KNX system that is currently not controlled. It used to be managed by an AMX server. but that is long gone and no money to replace it professionally.

I know the KNX bus is still functional because I can send commands using an application called b+b to control the lights and blinds. also have an old computer that still controls a few of the most important lights. (Its running some program called FIAvis) and has touch screen buttons for each light.

I have a list of all the addresses for all the lights and blinds.

I have a
b+b EIB Medientechnik Gateway IP

I have read a thread on here and found that

so I don’t think this is any use to me for openhab but it needs to stay functional because I’m sure its utilized by the old computer. and its the only way to control them if that computer dies.

I also have the
Siemens 5WG1 148-1AB21 GAMMA instabus IP interface **

both of these devices are connected to the network. the EIB Medientechnik Gateway IP is definitely working because that’s how i send manual commands currently.

Most importantly I don’t want to do anything that could stop the remains of the old system working.

This is just a pet project I’m hoping to work on for the next few months.
any suggestions or help much appreciated.



Yes, this device is the right one for a openHAB connection. Just configure the ip of N148/21 in openhab (either knx.cfg when using OH2 or openhab.cfg when using OH1)

In question of the steps: it depends on the version of openHAB that you installed.

If you installed OH2, you will have to install the knx binding (easiest through Paper UI, so from browser: http://your.ip.address:8080/ -> chose Paper UI -> Addons [left side panel] Bindings [top panel] Search for knx or scroll down, click install. After these steps, you will find a file knx.cfg in the folder structure of your openhab installation (conf/services/knx.cfg) Just edit this file and the knx bus should be available for openHAB2.
If you installed OH1, you will have to move the ....knx.binding....jar file to <runtime-path>/addons/ folder. The configuration is done in <runtime-path>/configurations/openhab.cfg.
Both OH1 and OH2 will load the binding immediately and if configured correctly, will instantly have access to knx.

Now you will have to setup items, for each GA you want to use through openHAB (read for exact information)

Next step will be to define at least one sitemap for visualization. It depends on your installation your preferred UI how to do this best.

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thanks for your 1st reply it was very helpful.

I think i’m making some slow progress now. see below screenshots.

im reading lots of different things and trying to understand but being new to this i’m struggling so far.

i also installed eclipse home designer and created an item called lights.item
and the contents

switch myswitch {knx=“2/6/2,2/6/3”}

but it doesn’t seem to get me any further. in the mean time i’ll keep reading but any further pointers would be appreciated.
apologies for my ignorance