OpenHAB language forum challenge

Rules DSL, Groovy, JS Scripting, Blocky, JRuby, etc. The flexibility that OpenHAB offers by enabling multiple languages to create rules is interesting and yet confusing.

The forum is great. I find that I repeatedly keep running into a challenge and wonder if others are having similar challenges and have either found a solution or, if not, could one be proposed?

The challenge I keep running into is as follows:

  1. I have an issue when I’m trying to create a rule.
  2. I search the OpenHAB forum and find many instances of the same issue, seemingly with solutions.
  3. When I begin opening and reading the posts I find that the solution isn’t in my chosen rules language, in my case JS Scripting. But that’s not important for the context of this discussion.
  4. I find that I have to read many posts.
    a) Some posts start and stick to one language.
    b) Others start with one language and meander through many languages.
  5. Many times I need to start searching again, hoping to find the post that includes a solution using my chosen rules language.

I could post my issue on the forum, but that can result in duplicate posts, which isn’t helpful if my issue has already been resolved previously.

Is there a way that posts can be filtered or automatically tagged by rules language(s) used within the post?
Is there a solution to my challenge that I have missed?
Suggestions? Proposals?

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There are, perhaps, a few tips and tricks that might help. One of the tricks the helps me the most often is to filter by date. These forums have been around for a long time, OH3, and many of the newer scripting languages have only been around for a few years. Use the advanced settings on the search to limit results to only those posts in the last 3 or so years and you’ll greatly reduce the noise in the search results. Additionally, if you’ve found results in the past from one particular user that often help you can filter for posts from that user as well. Lastly, when looking at the lists try to prioritize posts from topics that are marked as solved. Not everyone remembers to indicate a solution on a thread, but many do and if you look at those first you at least know there’s some viable solution in there.

I don’t know about any capabilities for automatic tagging, but it still and always will be the OP as the first line of action here. It is always good to remind and encourage people to take tagging of posts seriously for exactly this sort of reason.

Yes and no. It can be a little galling if some infrequent forum user posts a question for which the answer is easily found by a search. But if you demonstrate in your initial question that you’ve done a bit of searching already (that is you’ve put some effort in and are not just expecting someone else to do it for you), and still can’t find what you’re looking for, then go ahead and post the question. We get it, most of us have had that experience where you’ve looked at two or three dozen posts and just can’t see what you need (as I said above, there are a lot of old posts on here). If the answer already exists, someone who remembers the original thread will just drop a link to the answer (there are some long-time users on here who somehow seem to have in-depth knowledge of 1000’s of the threads). Then, if you’ve given your topic a better title and better tags, the next person will have an easier time finding that answer.


Thanks for the reply and suggestions, much appreciated.