OpenHAB + LightwaveRF Link + Door Sensors


So I have just got a LightwaveRF Link LW930 and have a couple of Door Sensors… Is there a way of ‘sensing’ the Door Contact within OpenHAB?? and then doing something based on the event?

This is what OH does. See

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Thank you for missing the point…

The ask should have clearly stated, doing this with LightwaveRF door sensors…

How to you get the sensor to trigger something, when there is no obvious way to have OH ‘hear’ the open contact.

Had you bothered to follow ANY of the links I provided you would have read about the basics of how to configure OH I’m general, how to write rules that run in response to events and how to install and configure the LightwaveRF binding.

Everything you need to answer your question is in those links.

But thank you for missing the point of my response.

The docs are there for a reason. I’m not going to rewrite them over and over in the forum because you can’t be bothered to read them.