openHAB livestream today

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(B K) #1

openHAB community -

if you have a chance, check out Dr Zzz’s Youtube livestream later today (~1 PM EST), where I will participate in a HomeAssisant vs OpenHAB comparison/discussion. I’ll be giving an overview of openHAB (from my perspective as a 4yr+ user), its different UIs, configuration, bindings, and how it compares to HomeAssistant. Dr Zzz’s channel is mostly focused around HomeAssistant topics, but the community he’s built is full of great ideas and projects that pertain not only to HA but also openHAB (HASP is a perfect example of that). I’ve been participating on his Discord channel and previous livestreams, and he’s asked me on today to show his community of viewers what openHAB is about.

So, it’d be great to have some fellow openHAB voices in the crowd (comments and chat), just in case I’m asked a question I don’t have a ready answer for, or to add on to any points I make.

Looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!


(Thomas Bail) #2

Until now nothing has happend … :frowning:

(Thomas Bail) #3

It is live now!

(Kai Kreuzer) #4

I’m trying to support @bartus - seems the audience is pretty hostile…

(Kai Kreuzer) #5

@bartus You did an AWESOME job, thank you so much!

(Metin) #6

Wasn’t so hostile while I attended it!?

(Kai Kreuzer) #7

It became much better after they noticed that I was attending :wink: .

(B K) #8

it was a great stream - I had fun! Thank you so much @Kai for attending - your presence was certainly felt and respected :slight_smile:

(Skinah) #9

I enjoyed watching the stream which can still be watched by going to Dr. zz’s channel. Thanks for doing it and also putting the link up. Would love to see the same thing done but with 1 person showing HA and the other showing the exact same thing on Openhab, although things change too fast for it to be a valid comparison for very long. Example is that paper UI is talked about getting replaced at the moment.

There are a number of things I ‘use’ from their project, one is this list as it is handy to know which devices have API’s available when you have never heard of the brand before. The ability to search based on a device type not just brand of binding is something I find useful. They also often list known issues which are also applicable to Openhab as the issue is caused by a limitation in the device and not how it is controlled by X automation platform.

(Ahmad Yazan Tibi) #10

Thanks for sharing it.

But I am wondering how DrZzs has time to make all these movies!

(scott dee) #11

just watched this, good job @bartus !!