Openhab.log not updating anymore

Hi Everyone!
I haven’t changed anything in my config, but it seems that openhab.log is not updated anymore.
Events.log is written, but not openhab.log. I have tried removing the openhab.log files, without a success…
The disk is not full (events.log works), so I don’t really know what can be wrong.

Any ideas where to start with this?

Restarted the service once again after deleting the openhab.log files, now everything works…
Any clue why this happened?

Keep an eye on it. If the behavior seems to persist this could be a sign that the SD card is failing. It also could just be momentary weirdness.

This is what I can think of… The weird thing was that I haven’t touched anything these days, it just stopped updating from a specific moment…

That’s further evidence that the SD card is wearing out. But it could also just be cosmic rays flipped a bit or something like that. I’d be sure to make a backup though and watch it like a hawk. If the behavior returns or other weird file system problems occur consider swapping out the card for a new one.