OpenHAB MacOS Pre-release

Hi! A few months ago I came up with the idea of ​​creating a native OpenHAB application for MacOS, entirely written in Swift.

Little story: I am not an iOS/MacOS developer but I really wanted to learn and decided to start this by creating an app for OpenHAB. From my first day in Xcode to the moment I am writing this, 3 weeks have passed, I have had several setbacks with Xcode as well as with the language, surely if someone really understands Xcode/Swift they will be able to appreciate that my code is really simple or maybe they find absurd things. I really put in a lot of effort and wanted to share it with you.
Obviously I am receptive to receiving feedback and ideas.

The little program working…


For now the application is quite simple, it allows adding items, which are displayed in a list. In turn, you can change the name, icon and type of item (this is better explained in github, please check it).


As it is clarified in the repository, in the first days of development I used the API REST but with the passing of the days I discovered how to do the iOS app (sorry, you know my knowledge in Xcode) to obtain the data. Soon, I will correct it so that it resembles the excellent performance of the iOS app.

Please if you are not a developer but you would like to try the app, I will be delighted. Just keep in mind that it is a pre version and may crash or contain bugs. Your feedback will help me a lot! Please check: First pre-release

I hope that someone will find this app useful, just by trying it and receiving your opinion you are happy. Thank you.