OpenHab Main Menu Howto!

See below…

Example: 4/3/16

Your final screenshot is not visible - could you repost?

…edit…added screenshot

Wierd. Its showing here… Here’s a link…

Nice - I have uploaded in case others struggle to view - very nice looking UI!

Thanks!. Nothing fancy just some HTML :wink:

Black magic to mere mortals like me.

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Not sure I understand how this is any different than what can be done with a standard site map

You cannot so a start page with sitemaps or link sitemaps together.

Ok guys. I’m a moron and after numerous people telling me it cannot be done natively, YES IT CAN. And all in the sitemap file. Here is my default.sitemap. It produces the exact same layout above and is NATIVE. :confused:

This is native through all the mobile apps as well!

sitemap default label="Jays House - Main Menu"

        Frame label="" {
        Text label="Weather Menu" icon="temperature" {
        Frame label="" {

        Text item=Temperature
        Text item=Humidity
        Text item=Condition
        Text item=Clouds
        Text item=Visibility_Mph
        Text item=Ozone
        Text item=Wind_Speed_Mph
        Frame label="" {
        Text label="Garage Menu" icon="garage" {
        Frame label="Garage Items" {
        Text item=Switch1
        Switch item=relay1 label="Open/Close" mappings=[ON="Activate"]
        Frame label="" {
        Text label="Media Menu" icon="television" {
        Frame label="TV Items" {
        Switch item=SharpTVPower label="TV Power" mappings=[ON="Power"]
        Switch item=SharpTVVolume label="TV Volume" mappings=[OFF="Up",ON="Down"]
        Switch item=SharpTVChannel label="TV Channel" mappings=[OFF="Up",ON="Down"]
        Switch item=SharpTVMute label="TV Mute" mappings=[ON="Mute"]
        Frame label="" {
        Text label="MailBox Menu" icon="garagedoor" {
        Frame label="MailBox Items" {
        Text item=MailBox
        Text item=Tamper
        Text item=Battery
        Frame label="" {
        Text label="Lighting Menu" icon="hue" {
        Frame label="Lighting Items" {
        Switch item=lLivingRoom

Key items that make it work are the initial,

        Frame label="" {
        Text label="Weather Menu" item=weathermenu icon="temperature" {
        Frame label="Weather2" {

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