OpenHAB malfunction with lots of OutOfMemory Errors


I have been using OpenHAB for several years successfully and not installed any new version or plugins recently. In the past week, I have been experiencing a lot of different strange problems with my OpenHAB installation, e.g.

  • HABPanel not showing all icons and intermediately showing “Trying to connect” errors
  • Some rules not being executed anymore
  • some items not being updated anymore

while the rest of OpenHAB is still running.

When looking into the logs, I can see a lot of different exceptions there frequently, with different stacktraces, but all showing OutOfMemory errors.

When I execute “free -m” on the machine OpenHAB and HabPanel run on, I see the following memory information:

total used free shared buff/cache available

Mem: 976 797 49 3 130 126
Swap: 99 99 0

I assume this is not a normal memory consumption by OpenHAB, correct?

I can see that the vast majority is used by the java process:

567 openhab 20 0 2055176 559780 0 S 8.9 56.0 380:38.43 java

I am running OpenHAB version 2.5.1 on a RasperryPi (OpenHABian).

Any ideas how this could be fixed?

Thanks a lot, Torsten

What bindings are you using? If Amazon Control then you will need to install the updated jar file. See link below:

Yes, I am using the Amazon Echon Control binding. I have now deactivated it for now and the out of memory problem is gone. Thank you!

I understand that currently there is no version of the Amazon binding available from an official OpenHAB source that fixes the problem, right?

There has been a fix so you need to make sure the binding is not installed. Stop OH, clean the cache, restart and make sure everything is working normally. Then use the link below to download the snapshot jar file and place it in /usr/share/openhab2/addons then restart OH. After that, you should have the binding working again without issues. Do not try to install via PaperUI as the jar file will be all that is needed.

From the link only download the jar file, not the sources jar.