openHAB "marketing"

As this topic is closed I’d like to add that I’m negotiating with a Portuguese Linux association an event where openHAB will be presented.

Materials for this presentation are welcome. If not I will develop my own.


I can reopen the original. Posts auto close after a number of days with no activity. Unfortunately when we made that change we couldn’t apply it retroactively so old posts still get resurrected.

As I was part of the Fosdem 24 booth members I can provide you with a number of screenshots I did that attracted the people at the booth and led to interesting conversations. Feel free to get in touch with me.

One theme I would like to focus is the “one of a kind” OH characteristic of having things and items separated. What was the reason of implementing this in OH, and what are its benefits ?

Even though you sent me a PM I thought I’d share it here, so everyone could see it, feel free to use it.

ideas how to present

  • Start with asking if they know what home automation is
  • Ask them if they have smart devices and if they are from different vendors. Ask them how many apps they have :wink:
  • Explain that is a platform that unified the view of things / devices of different vendors
  • Explain them briefly the concept of things (channels) and items that unify the view (now we have switches independent from a vendor no matter if it is a wall switch, a light switch, an oven switch, a heating switch …)
  • Then explain the UI (see below)
  • Then ask them about their developer proficiency to write rules
    • if they are proficient, great :smiley:, tell them about the rule languages we provide (“java-like” openHAB DSL, Javascript, jRuby, Blockly). Explain that with any language you also need to learn the systems API but you can first start with Blockly and then learn from it to go to the coding
    • if they are unexperienced, also great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, show them Blockly and then explain them, that they can learn from it and “become” a developer even
    • Highlight that even kids can write their Homeautomation rules with Blocky
  • Tell about the cloud access that is free of charge (and you don’t need a VPN setup)
  • Tell about the mobile apps and notifications

Floorplan - this attracted quite a number of people.:
It is presented on a wall panel on a central place in the living room.

It has a lot of nice use cases embedded to tell interesting stories about:
Be sure to tell these ideas to the visitors because it gives them a “live” experience and ideas what can be done.

  • Megaphone in the center: Calls the children on the upper floor by sending a Text-to-speech message to their audio sink to come down for lunch or dinner :smiley: and in case they have the headphones on :wink: it will also flash the lights in the room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Kid then can press a button to send a message to Mum in the living room “Coming soon” …
  • Shutting down garden roller shutters switches of garden lights
  • :question: opens a hint page for special settings on the wall switches
  • stovetop shows if it is used to monitor it when not being at home
  • dishwasher icon changes to one with fountain when running
  • switch on coffee machine (as it takes 30min to heat up)
  • red arrow “moves up the stairs” to the other page of the second floor.
  • people at the right shows presence of the family. If family is not at home, roller shutters are automatically shut down in front of doors
  • groups for lighting and rollershutters
  • :notes: switches on complex music setup → switch on streaming device, chose channel, switch on aavb receiver, set default volume
  • bottom left (“sauna icon”): switch on sauna ambience music
  • watering icon: Store rollershutter position, shutdown particular rollershutter next to watering system, switch on watering → on ending of watering move back roller shutters to original position
  • postbox lights up when filled with mail
  • garbage can blink in case it is about to be collected
  • vacuum cleaner can be controller from the dashboard

A simple overview page

Automatically generated location page (with added pics)

Automatically generated location page

Automatically generated properties page:


A simple blockly rule to explain the Blockly concept:

This is how complex it can get with a blockly rule → explain that you can “now” just switch to the Code tab, copy the code and develop from there. This is something unique that openHAB has. When the visual rule has become too visually complex you can just move over to the real code development which is not possible with other’s systems visual development (you are usually forced to develop you rule from scratch)

Hope that inspires you to have a lot of interesting conversations.


Can you share where this even is going to be held?
I would like to attend if I can.


Hi João, probably next month, I’ll let you know when it’s announced.

The event will also be announced here.

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