OpenHAB not accessible via VPN

Hi together,

i don’t know if my issue is related to OpenHAB and have no idea how OpenHAB should cause the issue, but I have even less of an idea of how my other services should cause it :).

The issue itself is simple: If I connect via VPN (OpenVPN) I a not able to access it.

Every other device in the network is perfectly reachable.
Every other service running on the same server behind a different port is reachable (no matter if its inside a container or not).

Just OpenHAB acts like it did not exist behind 192.168….:6444 (network timeout for the web frontend).

From within the network, everything is fine.

System Information:

  • x64 machine with Debian bullseye

  • OpenHAB running the stable 3.4.4 Docker image

  • Docker CE 5:24.0.4-1

  • OpenVPN AS 2.12.0 (not running inside a container)

OpenVPN config:

Just access to the network via NAT (


The Network-Related part of the docker config:

-p \

-p \

-p \

-p \

-p \

-p \

-p \

-p \



(HTTPS is not used jet)

Some ideas?

Best regards