OpenHab not opening in browser

I have installed openhabian, and openhab on my raspberry PI…

I have no clue if both those programs are needed, and or just one, but when I originally installed it, I forgot Shinobi was already broadcasting on 8080.

After installing OpenHabian, I tried openhabian:8080 and shinobi came up.

I then uninstalled shinobi and tried various troubleshooting techniques, but I am at a dead end here before I just flash a copy of Openhabian, instead of installing it next to Raspian.

I am not too sure where to go from here, but netstat -tulpen tells me there is nothing listening on port 8080, and sudo netstat -atn |grep 8080 shows 8080 as TIME_WAIT…

Thanks for any help guys.

Did you follow these steps to setup your installation ?
There is also a /troubleshooting guide.
Did your installation succeed so far that a log file is generated at /var/log/openhab/openhab.log ? What’s the content?