Openhab notifications displaying on echo spot

Hello community

I gained some experience with openhab over the last few month and I’m very happy with openhab. I have components by xiaomi, tradfri, netatmo, mystrom, sonos working perfectly together. Now I added Amazon Echo Spot and triggering commands through Alexa is no problem and works very convenient.

BUT is there a possibility to display notifications from openhab rules on the display of my echo spot. It would be nice for instance to have a color ring representing the severity of the notification an the notification itself on the display. I found “Release Candiate: Openhab2 AmazonEchoControl Binding (controlling alexa from openhab2)”. There might be the posibility to use the TextToSpeech channel… I haven’t installed the beta binding until now (I had no time to figure out how to install a beta binding and accessing the market place…)

I tried to use ifttt with openhab and Alexa service, but it is not possible to use Alexa service as action (for texttospeech or displaying).

Has anyone tried this before. Has anyone an idea how this works or wether it works at all?

Thanks in advance


Would be interested also by the echo spot integration … any update on this ?

Thank you

Any updates on this topic?


Did you find a solution for you Problem?

I would like this for notifications in general. Something similar to what amazon does when a package is delivered; i.e. turn on the ring light and give the information when asked for notifications. Of course echos with screens could display the notification. Is there a way to do this now?