openHAB now has its own fully fledged discussion forum!

:blush: Thanks for the compliment.

I’m aware that there is a world outside and most people are not able to read/write german. Currently there is a german forum and i read it regularly and i read the goolge groups and i read this forum. I’m sure that there are additional french, spanish, and whatever forums out there and i really would appreciate a german area, a french area and so on. Based on this we are able to collect the english community and all the other in one place.

And my benefit is that i need to check only one place and maybe there is only a small step for those with minimal english skill to give it a try.


The problem with this is, that users would prefer the language sections and therefore discussions and information would only be readable by people wo speak the according language - that’s the advantage of english: almost everybody understands at least a bit english.

I think when the forum grows and openhab gets even more popular (which is likely if you consider the current smart home market development) we can discuss this again; But for now, let’s stay with pure english. :wink:

This is an interesting discussion i think, because i see the world a little bit different.

  • everybody understands at leat a bit englsih - sligthly disagree from my side :smile:
  • users prefer their native language section - yes and no, beginners will prefer their language, because it is easier to start if there are no language borders, but if they get more sophisticated with openhab they will use the english forums more and more
  • forum and openHAB will get more popular - 100% agree with his. openhab breakes the borders between differnet technologies and i am just waiting for the first beta of OH2

At the end Thomas, Kai and henry will decide this topic and for me the relavnt topic is that i have the possibility to discuss about openhab.

So lets wait and see



thanks for you valuable thoughts!

Indeed we’ve discussed the language topic quite often (last time on Friday). We again came to the conclusion that the advantages of one “openHAB maintained” forum in english outweighs the disadvantages by far.

For me the most important argument for one forum is, that it’s already quite hard to keep one community running, to share knowledge and find people willing to be active and responsive in the community. Multiplying this efforts over more forums is even hardware. Despite the fact that i don’t know about a good operating model for different languages in one forum instance. After all i would assume we’ll end with operating one single instance for each country which produces quite a huge overhead …

We’ll hope for your understanding …

Best, Thomas E.-E.


the new forum really rocks! Love it! :smiley:
What forum software is it based on?


Looks like it’s Discourse.

It’s great it’s not leaking PII, like Google Groups. I can get more folks on-board now that’s sorted!

Just wondering if we should not proceed with a complete “switch off” of the lists, as new topics are started almost every day? Cfr your initial post :wink:


valid point … however we should the users some more weeks to finalise there open discussions there. I’ll send a reminder to the group. We should schedule the shutdown (aka switch to readonly) by Sep. 30th …

I really like Discourse, but I just attempted to ask a question and wasn’t able to add “more than one image” because I’m new to the forum. Is there a way to change this setting? IMHO this gets in the way of people trying to describe their Homematic setup. Screenshots are easiest when explaining things, see this post of mine.


The easiest solution is not to be new in the forum, i.e. make sure you did some posts without attachments beforehand.
The setting makes imho sense to prevent spammers from flooding the forum and attachments are expensive.

Just my 2 cents,

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Kudos for the new forum!

Anyhow - one suggestion from my side - if possible.

Is there a possibility to add in the top right menue between search and user settings a predefined link that shows the topics a user himself is engaged in?

something like ‘my topics’ or so? Or at least to allow a predefined listing based on bookmarks set by yourself?


On the top right corner go to your avatar, select the little “gear wheel sign” and voila, there you have your bookmarks (left most icon).
And when you click on the gear wheel (“Preferences”) you have all your responses, threads, … where you have posted to or where you have sent any responses and so on …

what platform does the new community forums run on? it seems to be the same platform the freepbx forum uses… I can’t seem to find info on either

See here

isn’t it possible to attach a file to a post ?!

I would like to provide a JAR file (binding) for testing by the community.

It is my understanding that you need to attain a certain badge before being able to upload files… to get it I think it requires some posts without files.

See this thread

For JAR, until it’s code is integrated to the build, I’d load it into box (et al), as we’ve done on the other forum, and then link it to your post here. It’ll allow you to rev versions without having to change then link.

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I recently just got on board this boad, but what I miss, is under the Hardware section, to have a place for actual hardware. What I have fun making, is the actual hardware, which can be anything from switches, to motion sensors and temperature loggers. Would be nice to have a category to go into, when looking for a cheaper diy alternative than the commercial ones. :smile:

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since this is not originally an openHAB topic we didn’t create a category for this. However i see this is an interesting topic to discuss as well. @Kai would you agree to add a new category “peripherals” or alike?

I’m in the same situation as Mikey: I get most satisfaction from creating hardware devices. I would appreciate a DIY-hardware section.