openHAB now has its own fully fledged discussion forum!

See this thread

For JAR, until it’s code is integrated to the build, I’d load it into box (et al), as we’ve done on the other forum, and then link it to your post here. It’ll allow you to rev versions without having to change then link.

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I recently just got on board this boad, but what I miss, is under the Hardware section, to have a place for actual hardware. What I have fun making, is the actual hardware, which can be anything from switches, to motion sensors and temperature loggers. Would be nice to have a category to go into, when looking for a cheaper diy alternative than the commercial ones. :smile:

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since this is not originally an openHAB topic we didn’t create a category for this. However i see this is an interesting topic to discuss as well. @Kai would you agree to add a new category “peripherals” or alike?

I’m in the same situation as Mikey: I get most satisfaction from creating hardware devices. I would appreciate a DIY-hardware section.


you could post your message under and tag it with “DIY”

Does the forum software have any provision for live chat? I think it would be great fun to chat with others that are online at the time, and also be a benefit to have some scheduled live discussions.

No, afaik, it doesn’t.
For developers, I was thinking about as a chat tool - if people have a github account, this is pretty straight forward to use and nicely integrates with Github projects, issues, prs and notifications.
For “pure” users, this might not be the right tool, though.

There are just so many tags, and I am not sure what order they are sorted in.

afaik they are ordered by relevance (usage) so the most popular tag appears first …

So they might not even be in the same place every time either? That does not sound anywhere easy to use.

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the order might change, yes … but in general you won’t go through the list. When tagging discussions you start typing and you will geht recommendations. What is your specific usecase?

To have a place for non commercial hardware. Mentioned earlier in this thread.

so you are going to tag your post with the used hardware?

Tried, but that’s where the long list of tags come in, and makes things difficult to find in the list.

but you know the names to tag your post with … why not just typing which filters the list already (i probably completely miss your point)

Because it isn’t easy for others to find what they are looking for, without first finding the correct tag in the long list of tags, which might re-arrange as it is used.

I think it is not about creating a post with tags (where you can simply type them in), but about finding posts with a certain tag - on the screenshot above, it is simply not possible to find the tag easily and the keyboard isn’t supported.

I would suggest to add new tags for openHAB 1, like for example “openHAB 1 - UIs”.
When opening a subject relative to Classic UI (OH 1.x), we don’t know what tag to use.

found another solution: you can call which brings a list of all tags also their relevance (count). This list can be sorted by name.

Hope this helps …

you can add tags yourself when creating a post … is it that what you meant?