OpenHab on an Orange pi with a Tellstick

Just installed OpenHab2 on an OrangePi One, it seems to be working well, and seems sightly more responsive than on RPi3, which I used previously. (that was a wifi link however).
Added a tellstick, it was all fairly painless. Link below if anyone is interested:

The one downside is that Orange pi one only has one USB port.
As I now have a 3D printer, I want to run openhab and octoprint on the same unit. So now I need 3 USB ports. (Tellstick, pronter, and a Webcam).
Looks like Raspberry Pi or a usb hub is the answer.

Just checking in to see if you have any additional experience or feedback to share regarding the OrangePi and OpenHab. I am considering switching from RPi3 myself (partly to free up my existing hardware for other projects)…

Which operating system did you use? I have read that many or most of the OS images provided by OrangePi’s manufacturer are unreliable (many people seem to recommend Armbian as a result).

I moved to a RasPI3, partly because of the shortage of USB ports, and partly because the Tellstick seemed a little unreliable (taking a long time to send actions).
However, the Tellstick is still unreliable, but I think I am just expecting too much of the little ARM chip.
I tried running Openhab and Octoprint, and Motioneye, (though I have now dropped the last due to issues with the Webcam streaming from Octoprint.)
Running Openhab on its own the OrangePi One was fine, and I am probably going back to that.
In the link, I used Armbian, which was actually easier to set up OpenHab on than the Octopi Raspbian!
I have always liked Armbian, and Shenzen’s images were woefully out of date last time I looked.
details of the OrangePi setup are on my Blog.

Thanks so much for the update.

I am thinking of moving MQTT off of my OpenHAB box for simmilar reasons - I think I’m just asking a little too much of the hardware. Or rather, while the hardware can handle typical operating loads, I guess I prefer to leave a little more headroom for exceptional circumstances.

The Orange Pi that’s on the “slow boat” to me from CN is actually a “Zero” (not the Zero 2), with the little module that adds additional USB ports (I need at least Z-wave and would perfer to have some room to play). I doubt I will be too pleased with its performance but I am considering it a test platform for various things. Maybe I’ll use it for MQTT for a little while, and then if I’m satisfied I can order one with more RAM and a better processor to handle other tasks.