OpenHAB on macOS via Docker

I just want to share my project in GitHub with you:

I’m using docker-compose to install and update a whole suite for OpenHAB including Database, Grafana and SSL via nginx.
The configuration file is made to use the typical macOS directory structure to store persistence files (in particular ~/Library/Docker/OpenHAB). It will work out of the box on any other (amd64 based) Unix systems as well, but you might want to change the volume paths to something that suits your system better - on Ubuntu, I would probably use ~/.openhab or something similar.

If you’re running an Intel NUC with Windows… I’ve no idea how to configure docker-compose volumes on Windows :confused:


Looks great.

This will help me get started when I have the time to switch from a normal openhab installation to a docker enviroment. :slight_smile:

Thanks :thumbsup: