Openhab on Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB) -> high load average

Hello together

I have the problem, that my Raspby since few days has a huge load average. As on the snapshot listed, I guess it must be the first position. Sometimes the “%CPU”-value of this position ist over 200%.

I can’t see, which process, rule or what in details is responsible for this high load avg.

Could anybody help me? It would be great!

Kind regards

You really need to supply som more info.
What version are you on for instance?
Also have a look here.

I have tried 2.5.7, and had the same problem on a x86 Ubuntu system, and had to downgrade to 2.5.6-2.

Also note that having one or more browsers open in for instance PaperUI will max out the CPU at regular intervals, typically once a minute.

haven’t tried could be that this helps.