OpenHAB on RaspPi - Cooling necessary?

I bought a RaspBerry Pi 3 Model B today because I want to deinstall OpenHAB on my Synology and install it on the Pi.
Because I also want to buy a case for my Pi, which should run 24/7, I need some help.

Which case would be the best for 24/7 usage? Do I need any accessories for cooling or do I need a fan?

What do you think and what can you recommend?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Assuming you want to run OH on the rPi and no direct connected things to the header, and do not overclock, then any case you like will do… I have 6 rPis running in various configurations; some with good workloads and can say that cooling is not required … a fan just ads noise to the set-up.
The rPis I have got sit in an environment of 28 deg C, and however between 50-55 deg C; the chips are rated to run at 85.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes I only want to run OH on the Raspberry Pi… I also want to connect the HM-OCCU-SDK with my Pi which should replace the CCU2 for HomeMatic Devices.

My header comment was related to the type of case, not possible load – hence, the HM-OCCU is not a problem… however, you then need a case which allows header access. :wink:

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Ok can you recommend a case that allows header access?
The official case won’t allow that?

The official does…

Google: rpi 3 case

Im using the same setup in this case: click

Thank you!! :slight_smile:
You also use the HM OCCU-SDK module?

When the rpi fits into the case, I think I would order one at Conrad.


Although my OpenHAB install uses a Pi 2B without issue, the only time I’ve seen any heat issues (e.g. when over-temp throttling firmware displays a red thermometer icon on the screen) is with a Pi 3 displaying CCTV video constantly. A very cheap passive metal stick-on heatsink helped.

Z-Wave modules look very similar to the HomeMatic so just need a bit of height in the case. Pi foundation cases have a removable top, although my preference is for a Pimoroni Coupe case with a small spacer to support the plug-in module.

In case you’d not heard, please bear in mind that the Pi 3 uses the on-board serial port for Bluetooth by default, so please have a look at the docs, use OpenHABian or search in this forum for advice on changing the defaults.

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Using the combination of HM OCCU SDK and YAHM with Openhab 2.0.
Seems to be stable.
I have added a heat spreader on the main CPU.
No active cooling. Running stable since 3 weeks.