openHab on RPi 3 and z-wave

I’m migrating from HomeSeer to openHab. From my previous implementation, I have a truckload of z-wave devices. Is there anything special about openHab and z-wave -or- does it work “out of the box”? Also, can openHab on Raspberry Pi 3 make use of z-wave devices and connections?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure this is proper location for this question. If not, please chide me and I’ll report somewhere else. Thanks!

Did you check out the docs ?

If you are using Zwave maybe check out HABmin

Thanks, Brutal … that answered my question. I didn’t know to look in the Add-Ons, buuuut there it is “Z-Wave”

Thanks again!

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No Problem :slight_smile:
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