OpenHAB on RPi, adding second z-wave GE Light switch using Aeotec Gen5

I’ve had openHAB2 running for a month or so and only setup to turn on my outside garage lights. I was able to add the GE z-wave smart switch and setup rules for those lights to turn on/off at certain times. I just installed my second GE z-wave smart switch in the kitchen. The plan was going to be the same, setup rules so when kids leave kitchen light on during the night it eventually gets turned off. The problem is after what seems like a good sync with the new kitchen lightswitch I can’t find the new switch within OpenHAB paperUI in order to add it.
Has anyone else had issues installing a second device? The two light switches are only about 10 ft apart but after disconnecting Aeotec Gen 5 from RPi and clicking the command button for inclusion-mode, the blue light holds for 2 secs. Which seems like a good sync. When I bring it back and plug it back in, no new devices are there. When I deleted what I had setup within OpenHAB, again the only switch it finds is the first one for the garage outside lights.

Thanks in advance and any suggestions or trouble shooting tips?

If you do a discovery on the zwave binding, the controller will be put into inclusion mode, so no need to unplug the stick for including devices. Did you look into the Inbox for the new device?

I think I can say that most people don’t have issues adding more than one device :wink: .

I don’t understand what this means? What does “what seems like a good sync” mean? If you can’t add the switch, how can you have “a good sync”?

Is the device able to communicate with teh controller when the controller is plugged in to the computer?

Are you including the device through openhab, or removing the stick? It’s best to include through OH.

If the controller is only showing 1 device, then it’s likely that the second device is not included.