Openhab on Synology - best way to do that?

i currently install a smarthome in a house of a friend. KNX is running already.

He now wants to have a smarthome server and so i will install openhab.

He has a Synology DS218+. This is powerful to run openhab - no need for an additional raspberry.

What is the “best” way to install it on this NAS?

Packet-Install directly on Synology? I often saw threads with errors when updating openhab.

Docker-Installation - also not “standard” - maybe complicated when i will do an update

Installation in a virtual debian/ubuntu vm? Standard openhab installation, all updates will work…

This is my opinion, can anybody say something about this? Is this a good decision or would you advice me to to it another way?

(In my own house i run openhab on an esxi server with a debian vm.)

I’m also using a VM with debian (xen). But docker is a nice option and super simple to upgrade. Sure, you have to know how to…

I used to run OH on Synology and it was running fine.
But I switched to docker (where docker is running on my Synology) because the new versions of OH are (or where) available sooner.
I also find it easier to upgrade on docker than with the package installer.