openHab on Synology Nas where to find UUID and secret

i managed to get openHab running on my Synology Diskstation DS416play.
I also configured my Harmony Hub and i am able to control my TV and Receiver via openHab.
Now i want to use the HAB Cloud but i cannot register because i cant find the UUID and the secret?
I read several threads now. I installed the Open Hab Cloud in my PaperUI but i still cannot find the directory where the UUID and the secret should be.

in my synology under the directory homes i have the openhab2 folder. But i can´t find anything there.
what am i doing wrong??
where shoeld i look?

thanks for your help
regards Patrick

Did you look into the documentation?


but i can´t find the directory /var/lib…
or the directory userdata…

No more ideas? :sob:

Can<t find it either. I have openHab2 working on DSM Synology too. I choose to install it in /public/openhab2

Did a full search of uuid and secret : nothing, connect trough telnet, did not find anything either.

Please help

I chose the default installation path.
My UUID is located at /volume1/@appstore/openHAB2/userdata

Secret is located at

Works like a charm on my DS214play

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Bingo! Thank you!

Hi! How did you manage to see this folder? - Filebrowser hides them.
Could someone please explain the way to see those @-Folders? - Without them i can´t fine UUID on my Synology DS.

Thanks alot!

Ssh into your nas with admin account.