Openhab on Synology


I’ve been busy with openhab lately. I had this installed on an orange pi plus 2e but it crashes very often. This forced me to shut down the power, which damaged the installation.
Now I want to install it on my Nas (Synology) but every time I get an error message:

#### S T A R T  -  o p e n H A B  S P K ####

Set instance variables...
  public:    true
  smarthome: false
  home:      false
  TMPFS:     true
  Z-Wave:    false
  port:    8085
  tmp:    /volume1/@tmp
  oh:     /openHAB
  backup: -backup-201807
User that exec the Installation
Start preinst...
  Found java executable in PATH
  Java version 1.8.0_162
  Version is more than 1.8
  The User Home service is enabled. UH_SERVICE=yes
  A shared folder called '' could not be found - note this name is case-sensitive.
  Please create this using the Shared Folder DSM Control Panel and try again.

Does anyone know a solution. I have installed Java again, I also have the correct version of spk?

Or does someone know a better reliable platform for openHAB?

I have OH running on a DS214play, and it works OK (if I don’t run too many other things on the same NAS).

If you’re using Oracle java, you need to manually upgrade it. Details are here:-

I’ve faced same issue.
It seams that OpenHab needs public folder. If there is not a public folder, the installation gives that error.
You’ve to create public folder using Control Panel > Shared Folder.

Same problem here. Unfortunately the above answer does not tell which shared folder has to be created. Are there any updates on this issue? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

If you use a little newer model, try docker. I have a 918+ and it is very reliable.

I just found that the “public” shared folder is needed. Make it using Control Panel and then start the installer again

Have a look into the documentation, there you will find all information about the installation

BR Uwe

I am a newbie here and maybe do not know everybody, but the RTFM is in any case not an answer. If you check your link you’ll find that exactly this problem is not described in the documentation at all (well, it says “it depends what your admin did”). And the funny errror message “A shared folder called ‘’ could not be found” (existing since Jul’18, really? we are in the mid of 2020) is not documented as well.

Sometimes we all need help, and not RTFM. Sorry for this emotional answer.

Hi Alexandre
the problem with the shared folder “public” is described in the configuration part.
Easist way is what i did. I run a DS218+ and the setup did not create a folder.
Create a shared folder “public”. (System > shared folder > create ) and the setup will start.