Openhab on the go

Hi, I’m trying to setup my openhab so I can edit it pretty much everywhere so I setup a replication on dropbox so I could access all my config file from the web or from my iPhone/ipad… My issue is the web interface or the iOS app for dropbox won’t let me edit “.items” files or what ever extension openhab use…

Some one have an idea ? Another app that access my dropbox account ? function that let me edit my file in dropbox that I don’t know ? Or totally another setup Thant dropbox ?


I use ssh with a free dns service but you can also get an account with and use the REST method

Yeah i guess … but l’m more looking for a way to edit config file everywhere

Not sure I understand. Both the methods I mentioned above can be used to edit config from anywhere?

I mean my .Items, .sitemap, and .rules files…

Why do you wan’t Edit your Files in the System directly ?

Copy your Files … edit the Files with your preferred Text Editor … and Upload the new Files … via ssh / sftp / copy and Paste in Shell :wink: or rsync via vpn …

Actualy I find something cool … Dropbox synchronisation with codeanywhere it does the job !

Codeanywhere need a Account ?

This App Sync directly … without other Server…!

Nah … codanywhere is far from perfect and on my iphone it doe’snt let me see my dropbox so i need to use it web … but it’s free and i can Access it from any web browser !

Free of charge more important than data security and good work?
Textastic costs money (not Monthly!), but you have all your data with you … and not somewhere …

my data is in dropbox … I truste them ! and it’s more important for me to have a web access than a iOS app


There are also serverless file synchronisation tools. Syncthing in particular is extremely easy to set up and lets you sync files only between computers you choose.

Depending on what you have setup at home, why not just VPN back into your home? Many of todays routers include a vpn option, and then setup a dns account someplace. You can then access your system like normal and edit item or other files with any editor of your choice?

On the go I use Textastic together with Dropbox. Textastic is able to edit the various config files of openHAB and to get / upload files from / to Dropbox.
It’s not perfect (no automatic sync with Dropbox, you have to manually select witch files to download / upload) - but it works.