OpenHab on UnRaid

Hey all,
I’m fairly new to OpenHab, still treading the waters. But I’ve got a docker setup to run on UnRaid which I’m using for everything now. Before I’ve had many devices, a RAID machine, mini linux server for services, pi for playing with automation, now it’s all built into an UnRaid machine and everything is running as a docker service. Sweet!

Anyway, it is the latest OpenHab 1.x, HabMin 1 & 2, demo setup and zwave binding.
Have a play if you like and let me know if anything needs changing.


Hello, very new to openHAB, actually have not even begun an install/tinkering yet. I came across your docker as I also run unRAID. I am looking for openHAB to run my z-wave network, have an Aeon Z stick2. How exactly would I pass this USB z-wave stick to a docker? I could see doing it in a VM, and passing that USB device, but doing so in a docker stumps me.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

The zstick is passed through to the docker already…
You’ll have to go into the openhab.cfg and find the zwave bit, set the port to something like /dev/ttyUSB0 which is what is in mine. I have plans to make it find any zwave sticks and link that automatically, but don’t have much free time at the minute.

You should just be able to add the docker, change that file and launch the UI, which is set to habmin at the minute I think. Ready for you to tinker with.

I didn’t use your Docker as Unraid already has one in the ‘Communities’ section/ However, this doesn’t set the Webgui properly so it is a pain to use. What would be the advantage of your docker and how do I use yours rather than the community version?

You could easily change the webui path, doesn’t it take you to habmin?
The difference is I’ve exposed the folders in the appdata mount, so you can throw in new bindings and update the config files easily.

for any questions about the unriad docker - which by the way is setting up using the official openhab docker - just feel free to ask in the official unriad thread:

Just edit the openhab template and configure your WebUI as fixed parameter. Sometimes [IP]:[Port] is not working.