Openhab on Vocant v-mp2-345

Sorry I’ve been scrolling for hours reading through all sorts of threads but All I really want is to know how to get Into the installer toolbox, if and how I would install openhab and what I can expect if I did manage to do so. If there’s any quick, clear documentation on any of this I’d really be appreciative if someone could point me into the right direction

Your question is unclear. I searched on your title and found no other reference to what you want to install OH on.

What do you mean by installer toolbox? The OH website is pretty clear on the official installation alternatives.

I have a Vivint sky panel that I’d like to use as to control various things such as thermostats, door locks and cameras. I don’t need monitoring and don’t wish to subscribe to Vivints services. To that end, I’d love any information about what I can do to unlock its potential. Panel currently allows me to do very little as I can’t get into the ‘installer toolbox’ using the installer code as I guess vivint needs to unlock it remotely which isn’t an option for me so that’s one thing.

The next thing is I’m wondering if and how I can install OH on the sky panel, what it would allow me
To do, what it would look like and basically any other information on this. I’m finding useful links on here but when I click on them they take me to an ‘account suspended’ page… I have a short attention span and I’m having trouble finding the information I’m seeking .

A quick forum search found this. What types of devices dou you have?

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