Openhab on vps ssd server evternal


I just installed openhab2 on an externally hosted vps ssd server (ubuntu 18.04 x64)
Now im looking for a way to “fake” the server of being on my home network so it can find all my light bulbs ettccccc.

does anybody know how to do this?

kind regards


Since many people install OH to maintain local control apart from the Internet, this is sort of backwards thinking for most of us.
What secure technologies do you envision you can use?

its just for testing puposes

I would think you would need to vpn back to your house. This way the server would appear on the same network as your lights.

Wouldn’t it be better to host openHAB on your internal LAN and host an instance of the openHAB Cloud server on your VPS?

Sort of. Usually the VPN will be in a different subnet from your main LAN. Because of that stuff like broadcast packets and UPnP and the like probably won’t work because that network traffic doesn’t cross subnets typically.

There may be a way to make VPN machines appear on the same local subnet but I have no experience on how to make that happen.

If your light bulbs are using something like Zwave, or Zigbee, you might have a little better luck. You will need to plug the controller/coordinator into a machine hosted locally and then you can expose that device to your VSP (connected via a VPN) using socat/ser2net.