OpenHAB or not? (KNX, HUE...)


I’m thinking to switch from FHEM to openHAB.
I have the following infrastructure
KNX (lights on/off, shutter up/down/go to x%, heating with weekprofile)
Phillips Hue (lights in general with dimming etc.)
Logitech Harmony
Amazon Alexa

I think openHAB supports all of these technologies, but there are two open questions:
Is it easy to create a visulisation which allows me to controll the shutter up/down (should be easy), close the shutter x% and show the x% position from the KNX actor?
Is it possible to create a heating control with a weekprofile which sends the to-be value for each room to the KNX actor? (e.g. at 6am 23°C, 9am 18°, 4pm 20°, 7pm 21°, 9pm 18°) This profiles for each room should be easy to maintain via visualisation. (and I want to view the real temperature provided by a KNX sensor)

Can openHAB do this for me?

Hi, i can’t comment on heating control, but i’m using openHAB for controlling all raffstores in my house.
For commodity, i defined buttons for closed / shades (82%) / open and positions (up / down). But if i want to change the angle, i also use sliders to achieve that - they also show the actual opening angle from the actor.

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Thanks for this information. So the shutter topic seems to be solved. :slight_smile:

You can use either BasicUI and/or HABPanel for this.
Both cover all of the functionalities that you are looking for.
There are many, many ways to customize the way that your stuff will be displayed.
Here is a quick example of a HABPanel layout showing 2 (KNX) roller-shutters positions (one at 37% and another at 40%)

Yes. This is a bit more complex but can be easily achieved with rules.
The visualization part is covered by my first response (yes, it’s possible and easy)

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Great! Thanks! And the sliders get there position via readings from KNX?

Do you know if there is an example for the heating part?

But in general it looks like a great option, so I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Live updates :slight_smile:
Even if you move the roller-shutter with the manual push button on the wall by 1%, the new, actual state will show up instantly in your visualization solution (e.g. HABPanel)

Of course there are alot.
To give you pointers to the right ones, clarify for me please the following: " This profiles for each room should be easy to maintain via visualisation."

What do you want to manage via visualization with regards to the heating profiles?
To be able to enable/disable them per room?
To be able to change the temp setpoints that will be activated on the predefined timeslots?
To be able to change the predefined timeslots?
or only to be able to see the current temp readings?

Everything is possible :slight_smile:

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I want to be able to edit on which time the room should have.
Bathroom: 6am 24°, 8am 19°, 5pm 22°, 8pm 19° every day
Living room: Mo-FR 5pm 21°, 10pm 19°; SA-SO 9am 21°, 10pm 19°

Something like this

ok… let’s break it down to 2 separate parts which are “interconnected”:

  1. Rules
  2. UI Control

First, you should invest some time learning and using the rules engine to define static schedules to handle your automation scenarios.
Then, you should add another layer on top of the rules logic to be able to modify your rules from the UI. This is more advanced but doable. You will have to find a way to make the rule logic react to changes that happen to items managed via the UI.

I can’t help much with the second part (UI control of rules) since I usually set my automation scenarios in my rules using static models.
If I want to change the logic, I simply edit the rules file.
There is also: Node-RED as a rule/script engine for OpenHAB & Flows Builder - a visual designer for the new rules engine

For the first part (rules), check @rlkoshak’s tutorials and examples on Design Patterns, like:

Start small, create 1 rule that executes some commands to change your temp setpoints based on timeslots.

After you have a static schedule created in your rules (that sends 24° to the Bathroom KNX controlled heater at 6am, etc), you can start playing with UI displayed items to be able to modify both the temp setpoint to be send as welll as the time trigger.

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Ok. Understood.
Thanks a lot!

So I will install OpenHAB and start playing around. When I have specific questions I will come back :slight_smile:

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