openHAB release 1.5

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Hello all-

Version 1.5 of the openHAB application for the Pebble watch has been released to the app store. It has the following feature updates:

  • Basic compatibility support for openHAB 2. Still supports openHAB 1. (digitaldan)
  • Added color support for Basalt (Pebble Time) platform. Black/White still supported for Aplite (Pebble Classic).
  • Eliminated blank screen flash on startup.
  • Dropped ‘for Pebble’ from the name.
  • Added Chalk (Pebble Time Round) support. (digitaldan, markvandenberg)

Thanks also to clach04 and kaikreuzer for testing the release.


Richard Lee

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I’m trying to use Swedish letters (å ä ö) in my sitemap, and they show up like garbage.
I guess my sitemap is UTF-8, should it be ISO-LATIN?
Looking through Safari at the rest/pebble.sitemap and choosing ISO-LATIN it looks exactly like in OpenHAB Pebble app.