Openhab, RFID, Arduino IDE?


i have to use openHAB for a school project, but im a bit confused. I have 2 esp8266 which im using for this:

1.ESP: RFID Reader which ist wired on the ESP and programmed with the Arduino IDE

2.ESP: Laserdiod with a photoresistor as a light barrier. this is also programmed with the Arduino IDE

So basically if the rfid reader regocnize an valid rfid tag it will open a dog door and close it, but only if 2.ESP dont send a signal which indicates someone is under the door. This should happen all with mqtt and openhab.

My question know:
If i install openhab on my esp, will i loose the code for the rfid reader ? will it overwrite it ? do I have to write the code in openhab ? im rly confused with openhab

Thank you

I think the confusion is that you think openHAB can be installed on an ESP8266. That’s not possible. You need a computer such as a Raspberry Pi 4 to run openHAB. You can then use openHAB to communicate with your ESP devices over MQTT.

Have a good look at the Getting Started documentation for openHAB to understand how it works. If you try to take shortcuts, you’ll end up even more confused.


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