Openhab Runtime on Raspberry Pi

I configured the openhab runtime on the raspberry pi but in the configuration folder I cannot see the thing folder. I did the configuration last year november.

You can’t use the term AND in the when clause. Instead you have to use something like

rule "Alarm" //Alarmanlage scharf und Bewegungsmelder wozi loest aus
    Item bewegung_wozi_motion received update OPEN or 
    Item bewegung_flur_motion received update OPEN
    if (alarm_ein.state == ON) {  // wall plug 2 ON
        sendCommand(garten_r, ON)
        logInfo("Regel Alarmanlage", "Alarm ausgelöst")
        pushover("Alarm ausgelöst!")

Which version of Openhab are you running? I believe the ‘thing’ folder is new for Openhab 2, but if you installed in November, that was before the first Openhab 2 beta release.

please how do I get the openhab 2 runtime for my raspberry pi

There is a link to it at the bottom of the downloads page of

But it is still in Beta so unless you are planning to do some development for it, its best to stick to version 1 for the moment.

I don’t know why this posting is here, I wrote it in the correct subject… :unamused:

… and here you can find the latest snapshots: