openHAB Samsung SmartThings support?

I noticed that openHAB supports integration with the Samsung smart TV and Z-Wave products. Since the Samsung SmartThings system utilizes both the Samsung smart tv and Z-Wave devices does this mean that the openHAB system is compatible with all Samsung SmartThings devices? I currently have a Samsung SmartThings Hub, two multi-purpose sensors and a motion detector and I was wondering if I can integrate them with the openHAB system. Thank you in advance for the assistance!

No it does not. For example, SmartThings supports Zigbee but openHAB does not yet support Zigbee. Also, SmartThings supports some Z-Wave command classes that openHAB does not yet fully support.

There is a web based API which you should be able to use to send and receive commands/information between the ST Hub and OH.

If they are Z-wave they will probably work. If they are Zigbee they will not (yet).

I would say, that Smartthings Hub and openHab are competing things - you do one or another. If you own smart Hub already, you don’t need OH.

To some degree I agree. But it is actually useful to have hub to hub integration as a way to get access in OH to devices that OH doesn’t yet support. The MiOS binding does just that with Vera for example. Interacting with the Hue Hub is the only way to support Phillips Hue bulbs is another.


SmartThings Sensors are in principle interesting because of low price. But since they are Zigbee-based it is not possible to connect them to OH directly unless Samsung publishes their protocol or someone hacks it.


There is now a solution that allows hub to hub integration between SmartThings and openHAB. It connects to the openHAB MQTT binding. I did get it successfully installed on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I am a former SmartThings user who migrated to openHAB over primarily reliability concerns. However, I do see two primary use cases:

1: A SmartThings user can allow openHAB to control their SmartThings setup, and experiment with openHAB sitemaps and rules before committing fully to a change.

2: Control zigbee devices (at least until the openHAB zigbee binding is ready for prime time).

Here’s the relevant links. Note the instructions are written for Home Assistant, but you can refer to the MQTT binding instructions if you need guidance for setting up your items.


Quick question, when you installed the smartthings mqtt bridge to communicate with openhab, did you have to install the docker and the mqtt bridge to get it working on your RP3? I thinking about attempting this and like you said the instructions are for home assistant. Your the only person on the net that I can find that has actually done this.

I didn’t use Docker. I installed the NPM version. You will need the SmartThings MQTT bridge, a MQTT broker, an openHAB installation, and the MQTT binding. I put the bridge on a separate Pi from openHAB but they should be able to be on the same board. Or, if you don’t use a Pi you will at least need something Linux. I’d also suggest using a MQTT utility to test the bridge utility.