Openhab - "say" output to Chromecast AudioGroup not working anymore

I have set up a few rules which use the “say” command to Google Home (Mini) and I make use of the Audiogroup.
This was working until yesterday. Today I do not get any output to all the Chromecast devices.
When i select on specific Chromecast Audio device, I still get the anouncements.

Does anyone of you see the same issue?
I guess this is more a Google issue and not a Openhab issue as the Voice generation is working and also the output to a single Chromecast device works.
I really would like this back to be working as I use this in my alarm detection system and it would be good to tell the intruder that he is detected and not just have a silent home which tells me via message that someone is in my house.

I use Openhab release 2.2, Chromecast binding 2.2 & several Google Home Mini set up as a group.

OK - I think I found out what is happening and i would like to share as this may need an improvement of the Binding source code @Kai .

I have the following Google Home / Chromecast settings:

chromecast:audio:Flur             [ ipAddress="" ]
chromecast:audio:Schlafzimmer     [ ipAddress="" ]
chromecast:audio:Wohnzimmer       [ ipAddress="" ]
chromecast:audio:Buero		  [ ipAddress="" ]
chromecast:audio:Bad		  [ ipAddress="" ]

/* Chromecast Audio Group for my Google Home Mini's */
chromecast:audiogroup:Haus	  [ ipAddress="", port=42576]

I created an Audio group within the Google Home App (called “Haus”) and was under the impression the first speaker listed in this group is the one I need to configure as the audiogroup address.
An alternativ thought I had was that I can use any of the IP addresses and it will sync the incomming stream to the other devices. But is not the case.
With the experience I made today I think it works like this.
When the Chromecast devices start up they may want to join an Audiogroup in case they can not find a “Master” device they may declare themselfs as master and the other devices later join.
(Not sure if this theory is correct. But my testing seems to prove it.)
No it becomes complicated to configure such an Audiogroup as I can not know for sure which Google Home will become the Master when I start them up. (I do only start my GH devices when someone is at home & not sleeping or and intruder was detected.)

Has anyone else set up an Audiogroup with Chromecast and has a solution for the dynamic master?
Does anyone know how other apps (i.e. Spotify) find and identify the Audiogroup? This may need to get implemented in the Chromecast binding.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and solutions.

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I had an audio group also before, but the link to OH 23 broke somehow. I tried to add it via paper ui, but it can’t find it. I further saw that the port number for both groups and individual speakers is set to 8009 if you add them manually. If I add the group manually and set the port to 42576 I get an communication error.
I can add my audio speakers but not the group.

Did you try to upgrade to 2.3 Ronny? I think my groups was still working under 2.2.

Still running on OH 2.2 and groups still work for me.
I did not upgrade yet as I have to convert all my KNX settings with this release. You now telling that audio groups are not working anymore makes me even more worry the release is to much of a risk to take right now.
Has anyone else upgraded to OH 2.3 and makes use of the Chromecast AudioGroup? … and is it still working?

I once had the issue that the Audiogroup changed and the IP of the group was was not the one from my first Speaker. I could “fix” that by turning off all the Google Homes except the one which has the same IP as the AudioGroup configured. Then I used Spotify to play something on the AudioGroup and after that OH was able to send Sound to the group (as configured) again.

Hi Ronny
You set the port to 42576 for your audio group, how did you find this port number?
I’m trying to set my CC it up as text files now, and see if it works.

I see in the documentation that:

Thing Configuration
Chromecast devices can also be manually added. The only configuration parameter is the ipAddress

I guess it donesn’t make a difference, to add the port number, or the documentation is not up to date

Hi Moellegaard the answer to your question can be found in an other thread I had on Chromecast and AudioGroups:

OH2 - Chromecast Binding - Audio output on multiple Google Home (Mini) at the same time?

It was not obvious and a bit try and error. I agree the documentation could be updated.

(This is all done on OH 2.2 - would be glad to know it works on OH 2.3 as well.)