openHAB server in the cloud like AWS


did someone already try to set up the openHAB server on a cloud service like AWS or DigitalOcean? Couldn’t find anything about that It looks like that it will be mostly set up on a Raspberry Pi

I would like to know if it’s reliable, if the performance is ok, if the VPN connection to the home network works without any issues and so on

Just stumbled upon this document but I don’t think it’s published yet :slight_smile:

Looks interesting, but currently it’s not described how it will connect to you home network (propably via VPN). I will keep watching it, thank you!

Why would one setup the openHAB instance on a cloud service like AWS.
How would you think this instance would then connect to your physical hardware like a Z-Wave stick?

The document mentioned by @kubawolanin has a different purpose, today known as my.openhab.

hi @simonknittel just be a little more patient…soon we will be done with our work.
@kubawolanin you right…hope soon we are ready

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