Openhab settings transfer to another server

How do I transfer all openhab settings to another server?
I used OpenHabian installed on Raspberry Pi for a while and now I would like to switch to a bigger server where I installed Proxmox and Debian 12.

Can someone make a how to here regarding how to transfer all the settings from the Raspberry to the new server installed in Proxmox?
I want to strictly transfer the MQTT device settings.

Thank you

For openHAB itself, use the openHAB CLI tool to create a full backup of openHAB:

sudo openhab-cli backup --full [path]

For the rest, you have to check the openHABian docs, I honestly don’t know.
Please note the difference between openHAB and openHABian — openHABian is what provides tools to install additional software besides openHAB.

For MQTT, openHABian uses Mosquitto, and for Linux systems it is very standard to store config on the /etc folder, so it should be enough to copy the /etc/mosquitto folder from the old to the new host after installing Mosquitto on the new host.

For openHAB configuration and persistence data from rrd4j and mapdb, see Florians advice, for other stuff, it depends…
mqtt devices: I guess you are talking about openHAB Things, these are part of the backup.
configuration of mosquitto: copy /etc/mosquitto/* to your new mosquitto host.

By the way: I’m using openHABian on top of a debian 12 LXC on top of Proxmox 8.1.4, following the manual setup

Any other configuration (zigbee2mqtt, knxd, …) and additional persistence such as InfluxDB has to be copied manually - see documentation of the services itself (or ask here… :slight_smile: )

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Hello, When I opened this topic, I thought of you exactly @Udo_Hartmann .
I have used many of the guides posted by you here:).
I also installed OpenHabian over Debian 12 on Proxmox 8.1, but it’s quite a titanic job to return to the previous settings.

I had OpenHab installed on Truenas Scale and it seemed very simple to copy the config files there…

I’ll try to make a backup and see how to copy back the things file - I hope I don’t catch my ears here.

It would be very interesting to have a link similar to these that configures the virtual machine during installation for OpenHabian :slight_smile:

But maybe Professor @mstormi will also help us with this :slight_smile:

Thank you

Well, it’s not that complex… :wink:

  1. create LXC with debian 12 template, at least 2GByte RAM and 2 or more cores. use unprivileged. setup a reasonable amount of diskspace. I tend to use additional datasets for openHAB data, but it’s not strictly necessary.
  2. use apt update && apt -y full-upgrade && apt -y install htop sudo git to get basic stuff
  3. get openhabian like described in the documentation (manual installation)
  4. setup openhabian.conf to correct values, that is:
    • hostname…
    • username…
    • userwpw…
    • timezone=Europe/Berlin
    • system_default_locale=“de_DE.UTF-8” // for germany
    • initialconfig=/root/
    • hwarch=amd64
    • osrelease=debian // as long as there is not yet an option for bookworm
    • disable hotspot and zraminstall
  1. copy your backup from openhab-cli backup to /root/
  2. execute openhabian-config unattended
  3. wait until openHABian did its job.
  4. enjoy. :slight_smile:

It works! Initially, Things did not appear either, but after a restart everything works :slight_smile:
Thank you very much

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