Openhab + Shortcuts not work


I tried to create a shortcut with Apple Shortcuts.

The shortcut works when connected to Wi-Fi. However, when not connected to Wi-Fi, the shortcut doesn’t work and times out.

How can I solve this issue?


When not connected to WiFi you are no longer on the same network as your openHAB. Therefore you have three options, listed in order of preference and the amount of work to make it work):

  1. Use and save the URL as your shortcut.

  2. Configure your phone and home network with a VPN so your phone can connect to your LAN regardless of what networking it’s connected to. Tailscale is an easy to install and use option but there are many others.

  3. DANGER: HERE BE DRAGONS! Set up a secure reverse proxy for your openHAB, acquire a domain name that supports dynamic DNS (so the mapping between domain name and what ever IP address your ISP gave your home network currently is maintained) and expose your openHAB serv er directly to the Internet.

Frankly, if you have to ask a question like this, you are not equipped to do 3 so really just forget about that one.

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