Openhab sitemap for two floor house

I`m playing with openhab, been brilliant so far. Managed to create control for 1 sonoff switch all works fine.
Now I would like to create proper sitemap for my house. I had a look at the demo house but is too much for me at the moment.
Can someone help me to create simple sitemap for my two storey house:

Ground Floor

  • Living Room
  • Dinning Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garden
  • Front
  • Entrance
  • Corridor

First Floor

  • Master Bedroom
  • Kids Room 1
  • Kids Room 2
  • Hallway

The items I will be having in each room/corridor should be:

  • Light (switch - this is sonoff controller)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

I think once I have this setup I shall be in position to modify it and understand it well.
Please help.

Thanks in advance

Use the Demo-Setup and you have a good working example.

Thanks hr_2
What I need for now is just “skeleton” for my house. Im finding this demo house confusing, but I think its not only me. For know I dont need weather information , only structure with house floor and rooms.
Would anyone be able to help please?

Have a look at

Refer to the demo sitemap

Get to understand it. It is not that complicated
Have a go, If it doesn’t work, post your code and we’ll tell you what to do

We are here to guide you, not write code for you

This might help, though I think it will also build your Items, not just a sitemap.

Then I fear that anything we would provide would be as well were we to implement this for you.

I’ll leave with something to ponder. Does it make the most sense to build your UI like this? Or would a different UI organization be potentially simpler and easier to use (e.g. broken up by function instead of room, such as lighting, hvac, alarm, etc).


just checkout Homebuilder. It will generate a simple sitemap for you as a starting point. Then start reading. It is not all the time easy, but it is a lot of fun.


If you already have the items built, I can also recommend trying HABpanel. It seems to be very new user-friendly with GUI-based layout/configuration, so you can avoid looking at code until you get into creating more advanced interfaces and rules.

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As an author of HomeBuilder I also recommend you to try it out :wink:
It allows you to generate items, sitemap and the HABPanel dashboard for your items.

It still lacks solid docs but it’s a good start.

Here’s the live demo:


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Hi All,

Thanks for all of you for your reply. I know have better understanding after reading manual and experimenting with HomeBuilder - thanks kubawolanin

Does anyone know icon for Dinning Room , I can`t find it in icon sets:


Does anyone know icon for Dinning Room , I cant find it in icon sets. I tried <table> but doesn't display anything.