OpenHAB sitemap not opening on local network

Everything was working fine until about 20 minutes ago when I decided to restart the service because it wasn’t picking up a ZWave device I unplugged and replugged elsewhere.

Now I can’t access my sitemap either through a browser pointing to the local network or externally through app/myopenhab. I’ve tried restarting the service and rebooting. My event bus is still operating fine.

I got these a few times though…

[WARN ] [ipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange] - EXPIRED MyOHExchange@1ad61a8=GET//localhost:8080/rest/sitemaps?#WAITING(29909ms)->EXPIRED(0ms)sent=29922ms

update: how strange - restarted the service again and seems to be working now. Something’s fickle in 1.8.1 methinks. If it’s any help to anyone else - I reloaded the webpage after a restarted the service once the logs showed that the UI was loaded.