Openhab skill cannot be activated

Hello everyone,

I have successfully linked openHAB with myopenhab via the Cloud Connector. If I now open the Amazon Alexa app and want to activate the openhab skill, I get to I can log in accordingly. Then I also go to my dashboard, log in and that’s it. I’m not asked whether I want to link the Alexa app with myopenhab. I can virtually click back, close the app or or do anything else to get back into the app. The “Activate for use” button remains unchanged and is blue again instead of grey. The skill is also not activated accordingly. How do I get the Alexa app linked to

Thanks in advance.

Do you have any Items with the alexa metadata? If not there’s nothing to integrate and I suspect Alexa is rejecting the connection.

Any chance you could provide some screenshots from your Alexa app? If the account linking process was successful, the message that states otherwise should go away.

If no item configured with Alexa metadata, the skill can still be enabled but no device will be discovered.

I have multiple items with metadata. I think you mean as example:

Switch LightSwitch "Light Switch" {alexa="Light"}

I also have the old Switchable concept inside my items.

For my amazon alexa account I also use a 2FA. I will try to make a video tommorrow. So maybe it is possible to see where I will do something wrong.

I have set the following for the Cloud Connector in openHAB:

The following is configured for the REST API:

And so I’m trying to link the Amazon Alexa app with

In the black screen I first log in with e-mail and password. Then I use my OTP via Google Authenticator. So in the first 55 seconds, you can only see the account being set up and logged in, with the login process blacked out as mentioned above.

The video is available for 2 days.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the detailed information. We found an issue with the Cloud Connector login page which didn’t redirect back to the original requested url. Basically after you signed in, you should have gotten an OAuth2 authorization page for the Alexa skill.

Anyway, a fix have been released to You should now be able to complete the skill account linking process. Once you accept the OAuth2 authorization, it should go back to the Alexa app confirming that the skill is enabled and linked.

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