Openhab, smarthings, bridges and more

Hi, I’m migrating from smarthings to openhab using a raspberry. i don’t have zigbee or zwave connect to the raspberry, i use them with the binding with samsugn smarthings. Also I’m from Argentina and buying hardware here is very dificult and more expensive than in other places, so before buying anithing i want to ask some question and be sure.

  1. I already use the binding with smarthings, is there a way that this work offline? or tu use the smarthings hardware as an antenna?
  2. is there another gate that i can use as an offline antenna? I ask for a gate because they usually have the zigbee and zwave hardware and good range.
  3. If not wihich are the best option to have zwave and zigbee?
    I already read something about zigbeetomqtt and i like it, but if I understan correctly they won’t work with zogbee v3.
    Thaks for your help with this.

I’m no expert but my understanding is:

  1. No.

  2. I know of one combo Zigbee/Zwave device, the HUSZB1, but it uses U.S. frequencies. I don’t know what frequencies are used Argentina. Beyond that, there are individual USB devices. Anything that has the Zwave logo on it should work. The Aeotech controller is very popular. For Zigbee, see the binding docs for recommended devices.

  3. zigbee2mqtt will still require a Zigbee coordinator and I believe it only supports one model. Personally, depending on the devices you wish to purchase and use, I’d recommend getting a USB Zwave controller and/or Zigbee coordinator and use the openHAB bindings for each. That will give you local control.

yes Rich is correct about question #1 you can not use your smartthings hub offline. The hub does some processing in the cloud and will not work without an internet connection

If you have smartthings sensors you wish to continue to use, they use zigbee. If you purchase a zigbee coordinator, you could use the OpenHAB zigbee binding or zigbee2mqtt. I have used the zigbee binding with smartthings sensors and can confirm it worked without smartthings hub. I’ve heard good things about zigbee2mqtt but not tried it myself

Warning if you want continue to use the smartthings sensors. I found they eat batteries like crazy and eventually died even replacing the batteries often. In my opinion, they are garbage.

ok, so in general is advice to buy usb devices and connect it to,in my case a raspberry.
Here we use U.S frequencies.
I was thinking of buying the HUSZB1.
Well another question, since usb device usually have medium to small range, What is the best way to extend the zigbee and zwave range, i have a medium house but with a lots of walls.

Before trying to use any technology, you should research at least the basics for how they work. Even just reading the wikipedia article is often sufficient. The answer to your question will be found there. Hint, look for the word “mesh”.