OpenHAB Smartlock Sherlock M1 (Aqara Xiaomi)

Hey, guys! Has anyone connected the Sherlock M1 smart lock (Aqara Xiaomi) to OpenHAB? I have been using this lock for about a year and now I would like to add it to the smart home system. If someone uses Sherlock M1 (Aqara Xiaomi) let me know. Thanks!

You cannot command lock/unlock to that device, so it is pretty useless in an home automation software.

Some more background:

I know that this lock only uses a Bluetooth connection. And I understand there is no way to connect it to OpenHAB. I didn’t find any ready-made tutorials for connecting, unfortunately. I also didn’t find a good simple tutorial for connecting another smart lock to OpenHAB. Maybe you can suggest some?

No, sorry, I don’t have any.
A lot of people here in the forum are using zwave locks with success.

Thanks anyway!

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