Openhab standard Bindings not vissible

Hi Community!
I have two servers with openhab 3.4.
On one is ubuntu 22.04 and on the other is Debian 12 with zulu11 java (on both) installed.
On both I don’t can see the openhab standard Bindings anymore.
I only see the Marketplace Community Bindings.
I cleared the cache but this was not the solution.
(I think on Wednesday there was a zulu11 update - maby it has something to do with it?!)
I made a backup and install openhab completely new, but when i install the backup, it was like before.

What can I do?!

Hi @htttito, I had the same issue, indeed caused by the zulu11-jdk update to 11.0.20. First thing I noticed was that standard addons are not visible, only community / marketplace. My system was still somewhat running, that’s why the forum is not yet flooded by users with the same problem I think. After a “clear-cache” you end up with a system that does not even start.

Problem is caused by the “Improved ZIP64 Extra Field Validation” in the latest java11 (see Consolidated JDK 11 Release Notes) and required valid headers for ZIP64 files.

I downgraded to the previous version of zulu11-jdk as a solution, however an alternative route reported is to add the following to your /etc/default/openhab (in case of debian based systems such as openhabian):


See also Openhab not working with zulu11.0.20 - #8 by RoRo

One-liner to downgrade (from: Openhab not working with zulu11.0.20 - #7 by RoRo)

apt install `dpkg -l zulu\* | grep ^i | awk '{print $2}' | sed 's/$/=11.0.19-1/'`
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Wow, thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: that is an very good answere!!!
I will check it in the evening and let you (all) know if it works :slight_smile: !
Thank you !