Openhab stopped working on RPI3B+

  • Hardware:Raspberry Pi3B+
  • openHAB version:openHAB 2.4.0-1 (Release Build)
  • Issue of the topic: My openHab server is working since long time. recently i have changed internet service provider & Wifi router. after that my openhab cloud not woring so i tried to re enter UUID and secret but not getting success.
    then i serch on forum and found similar topic and followed steps mentioned in that.
    URL ot that topic :-
    i followed below mentioned steps

@candrea try uninstalling the openhab cloud connector binding then delete the UUID. Stop OH, clean the cache and restart. Then reinstall the binding to have it generate a new UUID and see if that works.
To clean the cache:
sudo systemctl stop openhab2
sudo openhab-cli clean-cache
sudo systemctl start openhab2
sudo reboot
Also, the UUID location is /var/lib/openhab2/uuid

But after following above step my server even stopped working locally.
Error log

2019-10-01 10:22:53.749 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-onewiregpio, openhab-binding-exec, openhab-binding-bluetooth, openhab-misc-restdocs, openhab-binding-network, openhab-ui-cometvisu-php, openhab-binding-amazonechocontrol, openhab-ui-habpanel, openhab-misc-hueemulation, openhab-transformation-map, openhab-ui-classic, openhab-transformation-xslt, openhab-action-mqtt, openhab-transformation-exec, openhab-binding-systeminfo, openhab-transformation-scale, openhab-binding-modbus, openhab-misc-market, openhab-voice-googletts, openhab-misc-azureiothub, openhab-action-telegram, openhab-transformation-xpath, openhab-persistence-rrd4j, openhab-action-mail, openhab-binding-astro, openhab-persistence-mapdb, openhab-ui-habot, openhab-persistence-influxdb, openhab-ui-cometvisu, openhab-binding-mqtt1, openhab-binding-gpio1, openhab-binding-onewire, openhab-binding-lgwebos, openhab-binding-kodi, openhab-ui-habmin, openhab-ui-paper, openhab-action-twitter, openhab-binding-http1, openhab-voice-voicerss, openhab-ui-homebuilder, openhab-transformation-javascript, openhab-transformation-regex, openhab-misc-ruleengine, openhab-transformation-jsonpath, openhab-misc-gcal1, openhab-binding-networkhealth1, openhab-ui-basic, openhab-binding-gpstracker, openhab-action-mios’: Error:
Error downloading

Seems like there are still a few issues with the new RPi. @mues-lee, @BClark09 or whoever is willing to: Could you please do a full test of the operation on the RPi3B+, especially wrt the wifi functionality, both during first-boot routine and through the openhabian-config option.
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